Join our summer program to finish the construction of this orphanage Help these orphans find a home. Donate to our Indiegogo campaign. Relax on this beautiful beach on our 2013 summer program.

We are West Africa Community Vision Inc., an incorporated public benefit charity founded in California. WACV Inc. operates using the infrastructure of Students Travel and Exposure South Africa and works with high school chapters across the world to improve the living conditions of communities in West Africa.

WACV Inc. is focusing its efforts on three community development projects in Ghana. We are running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the construction of an orphanage in Denu, Ghana. This is our top priority project.

Our summer volunteer program is set to launch during August 2013 which will accommodate high school students who will volunteer in Ghana. We are the first nonprofit to not only provide the opportunity for high school students to raise money towards a good cause but also provide these students with a chance to create real change in African communities.